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SwedCh NuCH Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine

Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine

1990 07 22 - 2002 09 22

Nancy was of my first breeding. She was the one who tought me to love cockerspaniels so high. She also tought me to be so totally devoted to dogshows because she loved to show of in the ring. But only if the pockets were filled with candy, if it should run out sho totally stopped showing.
She became during her years a master of stealing food and candy. She was the one holding the fort at home, always helped to raise youngsters kindly but firm, they could´nt be let to behave anyway they wanted to, now could they?
She got her CC´s in her young days but due to swedish regulations she didn´t get her champion title until the summer of 2002. She was then 12 years and needed a CK (championquality) at a show. This was no problem for nancy and became at the same day both Swedish and Norwegian showchampion!!

Nancy will always keep a special place in my heart...

Manaca´s Born to Rise n´Shine

Nancy becomes swedish and norwegian champion May 4:th-2002, almost 12 years old!!

Presenting a few of her successful children:

SV-99 Manaca´s Peeping Tom
Sw-99 SwShCh
Manaca´s Peeping Tom


Manaca´s Pure n´Simple
SW-00 SwShCh Manaca´s
Pure n´Simple


Manaca´s Pennies from Heaven
SwShCh Manaca´s
Pennies from Heaven
Ch Manaca´s Dancin´With the Blues
Ch Manaca´s
Dancin´With the Blues
  Manaca's Lady Sings the Blues
Lady Sings the Blues



NorwCh.SW-89 Leavenworth It´s a Pleasure

NorwCh.NorwW-79 Leavenworth Lucky Strike NordW-75 Astrwin Apollo
FinCh.Leavenworth Party Piece
FinCh.Leavenworth Secret Kisses NordW-82 Bidston Solomon
Leavenworth Butter Kiss

Northworth Leisure Maid

NorwCh Travis Two Tribes NorwCh.Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Travis Bright Idea
Int.Fin.Sp.Ch WW-92 Northworth Quick to Use Int.Fin.NorwCh Tanac´s Play it Again
FinCh Mistyway Flip n´Flirty

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